Aug 12

Reactorz balls glows in the dark!

Reactorz is a product line from Coop Sports. Reactorz Line Of Balls And Discs Delivers A Burst Of Light With Every Touch, Tap, Throw Or Kick.


Like Isaac Newton’s law of motion, for every action – toss, throw, kick – there’s an equal and quite bright reaction when kids play with one of eight Reactorz products. From regulation-sized basketball and soccer to football (throws just like a real, regular football!) and disc, these awe-inspiring sporting goods are priced an allowance-friendly $5.99 to $19.99.

Imagine the added surprise to a kickball or four square game with the Reactorz 8″ Playground Ball ($17.99). Built-in LEDs create a flash of light with each toss and catch. Textured, semi rigid construction makes the ball easy to grip, throw and kick.

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How does it work? Don’t look for the on/off switch because there isn’t one!

The secret is the long-lasting battery life built in each ball, and the micro prism core that refracts light. Then they put their focus on the exterior. Each Reactorz boasts one of three core colors – Atomic (lime) Ice (blue) and Lava (red). Covering the balls is a contrasting shield color. The final result is like nothing else on the market!

One of my nephews goes camping a lot. It can be hard to keep kids busy when it’s dark outside and they still have energy to burn. This playground ball is exactly the answer! He can now play with his friends in the dark (with adult supervision of course) and burn up the last of that energy kids have.

I’m an adult and I’m anxious to play with this ball in the dark with him. It lights up every time you touch this ball. I think it would be fun to try and find it in the dark too. The games you can play are endless really!

I had fun playing with this in the house. I waited until it got dark out, turned off all the lights and started to gently kick the ball around the living room. I’ll admit it was a lot of fun! This is a great non electronic toy to play with your kids with.

Reactorz doesn’t need to wait for the sun to go down as their LED lights dazzle brightly morning, noon or night.

For the purpose of my review I received the playground ball. There are others to choose from: football, micro football, gripz ball, micro gripz ball, soccer ball, basketball, and disc. Whew that is a lot to choose from!

No matter which product you pick, I’m sure you and your children will have hours of fun!

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Enter to win a Reactoz ball of your choice (depending upon availability) Giveaway will run from midnight Friday August 12, 2014 until midnight August 26, 2016.

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Reactorz Light Up Ball

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  1. Laura

    I would like a soccer ball!

  2. Laura

    The secret word is Reactorz.

  3. jennifer aguero

    I would like the soccer ball or gripz ball. My boys are ball loving boys.

  4. Ann Fantom

    If I won, I would like the basketball

  5. Cynthia C

    The soccer ball would be nice for my nieces and nephew.

  6. Justin Sparks

    My daughter would absolutely love the soccer ball!!!

  7. Alex

    I would like the soccer ball!

  8. Trinity Rosario

    Soccer Ball!

  9. nickie

    The soccer ball

  10. judy oliver

    Any ball would be fun for my neighbor, just so it’s ROUND!!

  11. James P


  12. Ellen McCague

    My daughter would love this!!

  13. Tara darity

    I would like to win the basketball! These are so cool!

  14. Kristen

    I’d like to win the soccer ball.

  15. Renee Walters

    secret word: Light Up

  16. Renee Walters

    I’d like to win the soccer ball.

  17. Craig Wiggins


  18. Craig Wiggins


  19. Michelle D.

    My daughter and would play with the playground ball for sure!

  20. LaTanya

    playground ball

  21. LaTanya


  22. Lauren

    I would like to win the soccer ball.

  23. Wendy Caddy

    I’d like to win the playground ball.

  24. Wendy Caddy

    The secret word is Balls.

  25. Char

    I would love the footballs. Thank you so much balls is the secret word <3 wooo, I love the way you write

  26. Nicole Lancaster

    I would like to win the Reactorz Playground Ball.

  27. jeremy mclaughlin

    My sons would like the football.

  28. Lesley F

    I would like the basketball

  29. Brittney House

    I would love the football.

  30. Theresa Jenkins

    soccer ball or playground ball

  31. Theresa Jenkins

    Monday-Coop Sports

  32. Laurie Nykaza

    I would love to have the basketball,

  33. Laurie Nykaza

    the word is balls

  34. beth

    I’d like the playground ball.

  35. elizabeth miller

    We would love the playground ball. My daughter and her friends would have a blast with this.

  36. Denise B.

    I would like to win the playground ball.

  37. Jessica Cox

    My daughters would love the BasketBall

  38. Jessica Cox

    The word of the day is Coop Sports

  39. rebecca day


  40. Saundra Bowers

    I would love the playground ball.

  41. LeAnn Harbert

    I want the soccer ball.

  42. LeAnn Harbert


  43. abedabun dawn

    I would love to win the Playground Ball for my grand daughter. She would love it.

  44. Lori Williams

    Playground Ball!

  45. Lori Williams

    Play is the secret word today

  46. Angela Winesburg

    I’d love the soccer ball

  47. allyson tice

    playground ball

  48. Susan Chester

    I would like to win the basketball for my granddaughter.

  49. Susan Chester


  50. Elizabeth H.

    Gripz Ball

  51. Jenny Q.

    I would like the soccer ball.

  52. Birdie Skolfield

    I think id pick the football

  53. Birdie Skolfield

    the secret word is Outside

  54. Laurajj

    Oh I think he would love them all, but I would have to say the basketball the most!

  55. Laurajj

    Secret word for today was Outside

  56. Debbie Welchert

    I like the basketball.

  57. Debbie Welchert

    Secret Word: Reactorz

  58. katherine

    I would like the soccer ball

  59. katherine


  60. Saundra Bowers

    Secret word: Light Up

  61. Stephanie Liske

    I would like the Basket Ball.

  62. Nicole C

    I would like to win the basketball.

  63. Melissa Cunningham

    I’d choose the playground ball!

  64. Charlene S.

    I would like to win the football. My son would love it!

  65. Ashley B.

    The soccer ball!

  66. Nancy

    All these balls look like fun! If I won, I would choose the Playground Ball.

  67. Patricia Mingozzi

    I’d like to win the basketball.

  68. Cynthia Mercado

    I would choose the playground ball.

  69. Danielle Magee

    I would love to try the playground ball.

  70. susan smoaks

    i would love to get the basketball. we are big basketball fans.

  71. Erica B.

    Definitely soccer ball.

  72. Rachel Freer

    I would like to win the football.

  73. Jennifer H.

    I would like the football.

  74. MaryJo Tsitouris

    I would love to win the football! 😉

  75. Vikki Billings

    I would love the football.

  76. Connie Tucker

    I would like the Reactorz Micro Gripz Ball

  77. Ronda Patrick

    The kiddos would LOVE the soccer ball, thanks! 🙂

  78. Christal M

    I think the soccer ball looks cool

  79. Julie F

    I would love the football.

  80. John H.

    I would like the football.

  81. Jill Rivera

    I would choose the soccer ball for my family.

  82. barbg

    Well if I won, I’d have to let my sons choose since they would be the ones using it. I would say a basketball if it was up to me.

  83. Terry Bellender

    I would pick the regular football for my grandson for Christmas..going to be a slim Christmas this year since hubby was diagnosed with bladder cancer back in March and had Chemo treatments followed by bladder removal surgery on Aug.1 but somehow we will get through it.

  84. Terry Bellender

    Secret word= Outside

  85. Shannon

    I think my kids would love the football! Thanks for the chance!

  86. Laurie Emerson

    I would like to win the basketball.

  87. Laurie Emerson

    The secret word is outside.

  88. Birdiebee

    I would love to win the soccer ball.

  89. Birdiebee

    The secret word for today is Outside.

  90. Tricha Leary

    I would pick the basketbll

  91. Aaron

    I would like to win the soccer ball!

  92. Donna Teller

    I would love to win the soccer ball since my whole family loves soccer.

  93. Philip Lawrence

    I’d like to win the Playground Ball.

  94. Tina reynolds

    They would have a blast with any but I think the playground ball would be the favorite

  95. jules m.

    i think i would choose the Reactorz 8″ Playground Ball !

  96. kathy pease

    I would like to win the basketball

  97. kathy pease


  98. Amy H.

    I would love the basketball!

  99. Sarah Hall

    I would like to have the playground ball.

  100. Sarah Hall

    The secret word is Reactorz.

  101. Stephanie Hatfield-Brown

    Micro football! it’s football season!!

  102. Vikki Billings

    the secret word is Reactorz

  103. Vicki D.

    I would like the Playground Ball. The large size would be perfect for my 3 year old nephew.

  104. Candie L

    I would like the disc. Thank you

  105. Joy Venters

    I would like the basketball

  106. Joy Venters

    secret word – Reactorz

  107. Jane H

    My son loves to throw the football with my husband. That would be my choice.

  108. jaimeb

    I would want the playground ball for my son.

  109. Jennifer Reed

    I would choose the Reactorz Gripz Ball if possible if I won.

  110. Melanie Montgomery

    I would like the football the most

  111. holly lawson

    I love the football

  112. Jerry Marquardt

    Both me and my nephew would like to win the soccer ball the most of all items.

  113. Jerry Marquardt

    Secret word: Reactorz

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