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It’s hard to believe a full week has passed. I had a very action packed week let me tell you! 

I am starting a new book tonight or tomorrow. This is for another book tour. 

I’m going to start Lady Venetia’s Vow by Katy Walters. 

This is book 4 in the Lord Sussex Series. I’ve read all 3 of the other books. 

The titles in order are: 

A Lady’s Plight

Lady Henrietta’s Dilemma

Lady Phillipa’s Peril

Lady Venetia's Vow


Travelling to her fiancés estate for her forthcoming marriage, Lady Phillipa Frencham counts herself as the happiest of young women. She is to wed Lord Hector Thurston, Baron of West Mead. The only bane in her life is her treacherous brother-in-law to be, Lord Demetrius who takes every opportunity to seduce her. How can she tell Hector of his brother’s ardour for her? To do so could result in a duel and ruin the wedding, even tear the family apart. However, she is unaware that Hector too may not be all he seems; and who is the new comer, the charming Lady Amaryllis Wilbraham?

On her arrival at the Manor, Phillipa receives a threatening note, ‘Marry at Your Peril’ which Hector casually dismisses as a poor joke. Enter the Duke of Denfordshire, who immediately enchanted with Phillipa, is determined to make her his own. Phillipa in turn fights with her heart, and her conscience, as danger besets her from all sides.

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  1. This sounds like a fun series! Hope you enjoy Book 4!

  2. I will start this one later in the week too!

  3. This series sounds good and fun!

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