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Do you use recipes? How do you organize them? When we were growing up your mom probably had a cookbook she loved. I still my mom’s red checkered Better Home & Gardens cookbook.

You can find tons of recipes on the internet these days. I’ve been using only recipes I’ve found online for a long time now. This has made me rethink about how I organize my recipes.

Here is a picture of how I use to store them.

Old WayI used a plastic card file box. The recipes are written on 5×7 index cards and separated by category of the meat used or crockpot. (I love my crockpot). In order to find a recipe I’d have to take out all of the recipes from that section and flip through them.

It was also hard to keep the fix box clean. I am make a huge mess when I cook. It doesn’t matter how neat and organized I try to be, it doesn’t work. You can see disgusting unknown stuff on the box. I’ve tried cleaning it many times stuff still ends up on it. *sigh*

Here is my new recipe set up.

new way


I now organize them in a 3 ring binder. I’ve basically created my own cookbook. I write the recipe out on a sheet of loose leaf paper. Each category is highlighted a different color for easier access. When I’m totally done writing out all the recipes, I plan to purchase a bunch of page protectors. This way if the recipe gets a spill on it from my messy cooking I can easily wipe it off. 

I can now prop the binder up against the wall connected to the counter to see the recipe easier as well. This set up works great for me! So tell me, how do you organize your recipes?

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