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Red Carpet Manicure offers beautiful nail lacquer. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to share this review with you.


The Red Carpet Manicure company is committed to develop the finest quality manicure & pedicure products.

World renowned celebrities in the industry are wearing Red Carpet Manicure. The company stands behind their products. They offer you a money back guarantee if you do not love their products. 

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For my review I’ve received 6 different products. I received the Red Carpet base and top coat. I also received 4 different shades of nail lacquer. 

The shades I received are: Swaggin which is a hot pink with glitter, Anxious with Anticipation which is like a sheer color, Envelope Please is mauve color, and Red Carpet Exclusive which is a red color. 

I love this company’s nail lacquer. My favorite shade is the Envelope Please. It’s a nice timeless classic color that will match anything you are wearing. What I love is that you only need 1 coat, even with the glitter Swaggin shade. I’ve never seen a glitter nail polish that does that.

The base coat and top coat are easy to apply and dry quickly. Actually all of their products dry quickly.  All of their nail lacquer retails $7.99. That is also the price for the base coat and top coat. I feel this is a great value since the lacquer will last longer since you can get away with only one coat.

There are a total of 52 different shades to pick from. I know that there are a few different shades I’d love to have in my growing collection of nail polish and nail lacquer. I really love their shades of blue. 

There are a lot of nail lacquers on the market that are full of bright colors that look more suited for a teenager. All of the shades from Red Carpet Manicure I feel are more suited for adults. We can have fun with colors but they aren’t bright and unprofessional looking. Why don’t you try some today and fall in love with them yourself?

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