Review: 3D Light FX

3D Light FX sells fun and unique lights in your favorite characters.

Spiderman hand

3D Light FX sells different fun lights. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their Spiderman Hand.

My Thoughts about the Spiderman Hand:

My nephew loves anything/everything Spiderman. He’s 11 and has loved Spiderman since was very young. After awhile it gets hard to buy him a gift that is Spiderman themed because it’s hard to keep track of which action figures he has and which he doesn’t.

This Spiderman hand light makes the perfect gift. It runs on batteries and the light comes from fiber optic lights that replicate the web that is dispensed from Spiderman’s hand. This is a fun unique gift for someone that is into Spiderman as much as my nephew.

3D Light FX also has lights in the following character/themes: Marvel, WB, Nick, Cars/Jets, Sports, Hasbro, Disney, Nature, Star Wars, and Universal.

You can purchase most of these lights at Target if you are in the United States. To see a full list of the lights available and where to purchase them from if you are in the United States check them out on their website

If you do not reside in the United States you can locate where to find these lights locally by searching for your country on their where to buy link.

Connect with 3D Light FX:

To learn more about 3D Light FX check them out on their website.

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