Review: Arm Sleeves

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Arm sleeves are a great accessory for everyday or for a Halloween costume.

The Original Skull Mask + 2 Arm Tattoo Sleeves (Fake Tattoo Sleeve)

Alegria Store sells these tattoo sleeves and skull mask on Amazon.  Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review. 

My Thoughts about Tattoo Sleeves and Skull Mask:

My daughter has always wanted tattoo sleeves. As a young teen she was all about being unique and having her own style. She is now a young adult going to college and in the work force, and needs to be professional at all times. There are times she still likes to let loose a bit and show her individuality.

These tattoo sleeves are great. They are one size fits all as they are 100% nylon and can stretch to fit larger arms. We did notice they need stretched out a bit at first as they felt too tight against the skin, after stretching them out a bit relieved this issue. This could be an isolated individual finding since we both suffer from sensitive skin.

This set also comes with a skull mask.  You can wear the mask as:  a face mask, scarf, or a hat. In the picture my daughter wore it as a traditional skull mask.  Halloween is coming and this would be a great accessory for a costume. My daughter plans to wear this in the winter to keep the wind from her face.

Here are the dimensions of the skull mask:

Length: 47cm/18.5′

Width: 23cm/ 9”

Weight: 28.7g

This is a great value at only $15 since you get both the tattoo sleeves and face mask for that price.

Connect with Alegria Store:

To learn more about this product or to purchase your own check them out on Amazon.  Be sure to also check out the other items they sell. 

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  1. These would be so cool for Halloween! They are fairly real looking; Most people would have to look twice. It would be nice if they came in different base skin colors too to really match and add to the realism.

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