Review: Checkpoint Wristbands

Checkpoint wristbands is the new emergency alert bracelet.

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Checkpoint Wristbands uses modern technology to replace the old metal emergency alert bracelets. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review.

My Thoughts about Checkpoint Wristbands:

I remember wearing a metal medical alert bracelet in school that says I have asthma. It was obvious what it was and I was self cautious about it. Checkpoint Wristbands is the answer to that embarrassment.

The bracelet is one of the popular silicone ones and has a bar code. You can access the information by scanning the QR Code or texting the code. 

As an adult I have a long list of medical problems. I am not always around family members that know my medical history. I can now be confident that in the case of an emergency I will get the proper care.

To activate your wristband you simply make a free account on their website, login, and then activate your bracelet with the code on the bracelet. It was fast and easy to do. You can add as little or much information as you want. 

On the checkpoint wristbands website I was able to add the following information to my wrist band:

Medications I’m allergic to.

Medications I take on a daily basis.

My medical conditions.

You can update the information on your bracelet as often as needed for free. This is amazing! You no longer have to purchase a new bracelet to change your emergency information.

I love that these bracelets are only $14.99! If you or anyone in your family has a serious medical condition you need to purchase one of these. They also sell identification stickers, and an companion bracelet.

Connect with Checkpoint Wristbands:

To learn more about Checkpoint Wristbands or to purchase your own check them out on their website.

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