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Coloring is not just for children anymore. Ulysses Press makes great coloring books for adults.

Coloring Ocean Mandalas

Ulysses Press sells many books in different themes. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their Coloring Ocean Mandalas coloring book.

My Thoughts on the Coloring Ocean Madalas Coloring Book:

Coloring for adults is the new thing. Think back to when you were a child, coloring was relaxing and fun. That’s why children that are coloring are usually doing so quietly. It’s a great way to relax, decompress and just be creative.

The Ocean Mandalas coloring book has more detailed designs that are great for adults. You have to concentrate on what you are doing not what is on your mind. I use coloring sometimes as a way to relax before bed. It’s better than taking a sleeping pill. 

Coloring mandalas is an ancient way to attain focus, clarity, and peace. Now with more than thirty original images that incorporate ocean imagery into mandala patterns, Coloring Ocean Mandalas adds the beauty of the ocean—including dolphins, sea shells, whales and waves—to these intricate designs for page after page of coloring book bliss.

With roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas are spiritual symbols that represent the universe. Coloring these hypnotically beautiful, mystical shapes is a meditative and enjoyable way to relax. A fun way to achieve a state of mindfulness, this book fosters creativity, reduces stress, and allows you to embrace your inner child by focusing on the simple but engaging task of coloring in the detailed designs.

This book is only $10. The pages are thicker than a traditional coloring book and the designs are on only one side. You can use markers without the fear of them bleeding through to the other side.

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