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EcoStatic and Shoplet help you keep your ideas organized.



Shoplet is your one stop shop for office supplies. EcoStatic is one of the many companies they feature. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their Whiteboard sheets and SlickyNote Notepads.

My Thoughts about EcoStatic Products:

I love dry ease products. I am always thinking of things at random times that I need to remember. It can very between a grocery list, blog related, or something I need to tell someone. The products I received to review help with that.

The Beginner Kit Glue Free Whiteboard Sheets are perfect for large lists. I used one to start a grocery list.



This product is great for young children too. You can apply it easily to a clean wall, (If the wall or glass is not clean it won’t stick) and let them draw on it. My friends and I have one up for our inside jokes. The Whiteboard sheets do not leave any residue to your walls or glass and do not require glue or tape to stick.

Ecostatic products are also good for students. I know my daughter likes to keep reminders up where she can see them for when a project is due, or a test is coming up.

The SlickyNotes Note Pads are great for quick reminders you need to jot down. You can use a dry ease marker to erase it, or you can use a permanent marker for it to last. I will note that if you erase what you write, it will also erase the color of the note pad.



There are 2 different sizes of the Note pads. You can easily add them to your bag or purse. They can also be left on your desk for quick notes.


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To learn more about Ecostatic and their products or to purchase your own check them out on their website. 

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  1. Hi.
    Thank you for your comments and ideas on how to use our product. One quick comment, the slickynotes are dry erasable only on the white side. The color side is not dryerasable.



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