Review: Ezsqueezees

Ezsqueezees offers reusable food pouches. 


Ezqueezees are usable food pouches. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review.

My Thoughts on Ezqueezees:

Do you pack a lunch for yourself or your child? Maybe you need a quick after school snack. We all know that foods that are packaged for on the go sometimes come with a high price tag. 

It’s now super easy to transport your own foods. These ezqueezees are reuseable, they are also dishwasher and dryer safe.

My daughter is 20 and is very busy with work and school. She has always loved those squeezeable apple sauce and Go-gurt. She can now pack those for less cost. With the yogurt she can take the flavor and brand she prefers.

I think this would work great with salad dressing too. Who wants a soggy lunch from your dressing before you even get to take a bite? 

Do you make your own baby food? This is perfect for taking baby food on the road with you. 

I love that there is a resealable spout in case you didn’t finish it. The fact that they can be frozen also saves money. You no longer have to use an ice pack, the ezsqueezees will keep your food cold while it still slowly defrosts.

The caps come in large and small, both caps work on any ezsqueezees. The large are designed for young children.  

The packs retail $6.99 for 3 pouches, and $19.99 for 9 pouches. You can also purchase a starter pack that has 3 large and 3 small caps and (2) 3pks of the pouches for $13.99

Connect with Ezsqeezees:

To learn more about Ezsqeezees or to purchase your own check them out on their website.

They also have recipes on the website for using fruits, vegetables. Are you a vegetarian, they have you covered. They even have smoothie recipes!

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