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US Family Fun Guide allowed me the great opportunity to spend the day at my local amusement park. I previously posted a blog post about some background of the amusement park Kennywood. Here is my previous post

On Friday July 18 I spent the day with my daughter and her boyfriend. My daughter and I go to Kennywood every year. It’s a great place to spend time with family and friends and relax. If you are not big on rides anymore, it’s a great place to walk around and people watch. You can also play games and eat. There are a lot of great food stands through out the park.

This year Kennywood has a new sit down restaurant, Johnny Rockets. 

Johnny Rocket Logo

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After walking around the park for hours it’s nice to sit down to a real meal. We loved our experience at Johnny Rocket’s. The place reminds me of a 50’s style restaurant. There are pictures up on the wall of what the park looked like in the past. There is also a jukebox with a mixture of oldies and current hits. The jukebox is free to use, I love this as most are not. 

When the song Respect by Aretha Franklin comes on, the staff starts to sing and do a little dance. You have no idea it’s going to happen. Here is a video of them:

We ordered milk shakes with our meals. They have flavors available I’ve never seen before. I personally had the banana, my daughter has very cherry, and her boyfriend had a butterfinger milkshake. They are very thick and last the entire meal. It was a great treat.
On a hot summer day one of the best rides to go on is called the Raging Rapids. It’s an inner tube style ride that simulates white water rafting. You sit six in a boat and float down a “river”. You get drenches on this ride.

Rapids collage


These pictures are of my daughter and her boyfriend on the ride. This is a great fun ride to cool off on. You do stay wet for a long time though so I suggest going on it early in the day.

If you are ever in the Pittsburgh area, I highly suggest visiting Kennywood Amusement park. It’s fun for kids of all ages.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear ya’ll had a blast! We cant wait to go to Kennywood this year.

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