Review: Phonesoap Polish

Phonesoap polish is the answer to cleaning your dirty cell phone screen.

phonesoap polish

Phonesoap makes different products to help clean your cell phone screen. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review for their PhoneSoap Polish.

My Thoughts about Phonesoap:

We all know how disgusting our screens get on our cell phones and tablets. We touch them constantly with the touch screens and our oils from our fingers leave smudges. Using a microfiber cloth helps but doesn’t always do the trick long term.

This Polish is a premium, all natural, antibacterial touch screen polish specially formulated to kill bacteria and help prevent fingerprints and smudges on smartphone and tablet touch screens.

The polish is very easy to use. 

Step 1:
Mark an [X] on your screen with the Polish.
Step 2:
Evenly rub the wax in a circular motion with the foam cap or your finger.
Step 3:
Let set for at least a minute. For best results, let set overnight.
Step 4:
Lightly buff to a shine with the included laser etched microfiber cloth.

On average, we replace their phones every 22 months. Just one stick of polish will produce several hundred repeat polish applications. This small tube of polish would last longer than your current phone would.

You receive the Polish, Foam applicator cap, and Laser cut microfiber cloth. For only $14.95 this is a great product to always have on hand.

Connect with PhoneSoap:

To learn more about the Phonesoap polish or to purchase your own, check them out on their website.

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