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Proper lighting is a must for your desk.lamp

Room Lookz sells different items to decorate your tween girls bedroom. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their LED Battery Operated Lamp.

 My Thoughts on LED Battery Operated Lamp:

Room Lookz is the same company that brought you Locker Lookz. You can now decorate your locker or room with their organizational products. For this review I reviewed their LED Battery Operated Lamp.

My daughter is in college and of course that means a lot of homework. She prefers to do her homework in her room stretched out on her bed. Unfortunately there are not very many electrical outlets in her room. I no longer have to worry about her experiencing eye strain from inadequate lighting. Since there is no cord to worry about she can move this lamp to anywhere in her room she needs a light. 

I’ve even used this lamp on my work desk. I suffer from light sensitivity and tend to keep the house darker than most would because of that. This lamp is exactly what I need. I can move it to where I want extra light and turn off when I am no longer needing it. I will end up purchasing one of my own as some point.

This lamp is the perfect solution. It runs on 4 “C” batteries. There is an on/off switch and an auto switch. The auto switch is a motor sensor. There are 3 different designs: Aqua Dot, Black Swirl, and Pink Quatrefoil. I received the Pink Quatrefoil for review.

You can decorate an entire room with the items the company sells. It’s easy to either mix and match, or to make everything match in one color scheme. There are more products they sell I’d love to purchase for myself. My daughter is 20 and loves them as well. 

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To learn more about the tabletop LED lamp or to purchase your own check them out on their website.

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  1. I would like this to. I hate having to always turn on the main light. I’m also like your daughter. I mean I’m not in college yet but, I’m in highschool and I also prefer doing my homework in my room and would love a light I just have to move by me to see.

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