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I recently had the opportunity to do a review for My Social Book

About My Social Book:

Likebooks is the first company to offer Facebook users the option of placing their social network activity into a book. Likebooks has sold thousands of books worldwide and was the 2012 Rio Info winner in the startup category in São Paulo, Brazil. Likebooks specializes in printing data from social networks.

Product Description:

The price of your Book depends on the number of pages and type of cover (hardcover or paperback). 
Depending on the date range and content desired, we calculate the price of your book in real-time!

Unique format of 8×10 inches (20 x 25 cm), with a choice of hardcover or softcover.

Shipping included

  25 pages To try 50 pages A great gift idea 100 pages The year of an average Facebooker 350 pages Facebook addict 500 pages For my archives
Paperback $11 $28 $44 $104 $138
Hardcover $18 $35 $54 $123 $162


My Review:


Most of us use facebook. We share pictures, status updates etc with our friends. What a great way to have a backup copy of all those interactions. I think this product would be great as a gift for high school graduation for teens, or a teen birthday.

I know my 18 yr old shares everything on facebook. If it’s not on facebook, it didn’t happen in her life! This would be a great gift to do every year as a year in review of your life. 

I love that you can choose between hard back or paper back cover. You can also pick between what dates you want added in your book. 

You can go back in and delete any content you don’t want added to your book. Maybe you had a breakup and don’t want that person in your book. No problem, just go back in and find any pictures/status updates about that person and don’t have them added. It’s that simple.

I did recently go through a break up. I did add him in my book because he is part of my past and I’m ok with seeing things about him. Some make me laugh, some make me roll my eyes.

I think this would be a great gift for that person that “has everything”. I think this is a great value if you do one year at a time as a book.

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