Review: The Lost Years by Judy Serrano


Title: The Lost Years

Author: Judy Serrano

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Format: E Book

Genre: Thriller

Source: Author

Series: Easter’s Lilly Book 5

My Rating:5


Finally thinking they are free from the mob, Max and Lilly settle down in a small town in Texas called Quinlan. Lilly’s son, Diego Montiago Jr., is preparing for the day when he graduates high school so he can learn the ways of his uncle, and become the next kingpin of the Mexican Mafia. In this fifth book of the Easter’s Lilly Series, this young adult spin-off finds Lilly doing everything in her power to make sure that does not happen.

During his high school years, Junior falls into a crowd of misfits, just to fall in love with the quarterback’s girlfriend. But this is no ordinary girl and their trials are no ordinary trials. Junior grows up quickly while the mob’s ever-present arm is still squeezing the life out of him. Just when he thinks he has found what he is looking for, everything changes. With love and hate balancing delicately in the distance, life and death become suddenly all too real. As time begins to run out, Diego Montiago Jr. is forced to make a decision that will change his life forever.

My Review:

I received this book for a fair and honest review.  I was looking forward to this book, as this is one of my favorite book series.

Judy Serrano has done it yet again! I was totally engrossed in this book. I read it in a day. I love the character of Junior. I am always shocked that he’s not more screwed up given the way he was raised.

Let’s face it, Junior has not had a normal childhood. However that experience is making him into the man he is slowly becoming. My heart broke for Junior so many times. The poor kid can’t catch a break!

This book just flows and you find yourself engrossed in it. Since I read it in a day, I found the day just melted away. I loved this book just like I have every other one in the series. I wonder how the series will end. I hope I don’t have to find out too soon though. I’ll feel such a let down when the series is over.


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  1. Thank you so much, Gina, for taking the time to read and review my latest book in the Easter’s Lilly Series. I appreciate you.

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