Review: Zero Gravity by C.G. Powell

Zero Gravity

Title: Zero Gravity

Author: C.G. Powell

Publisher: C.G. Powell

Release Date: 4/18/2014

Format: E Book

Page: 44

Source: Author

Summary: Pimlaco Aldris walked away from her career, fame, and prestige to pursue a dance of a different kind. Fueled by an unquenchable libido, she accepts a job offer from a lascivious lord whose strange demands involve revealing clothing that leave little to the imagination, public performances, and most perplexing of all his insistence that she spend time with the help. To make matters even worse, she discovers that she likes it. 

Adviser and Second to his lord, Commander Kraydic craves a permanent intimacy; someone to fall asleep with and wake up next to. However, his life is constantly on the move serving and protecting, until he meets her—the stunning erotic dancer who twirls into his life and away with his heart.  Tangled in unbridled passion, sensuous seduction, and a night that can’t possibly last forever, one dance will change the rules of engagement.  This is a 12K Novelette containing adult contents of the sexual nature. 

My Review:

This book is a novella so it was a quick read. It was also a quick read because of the story itself. Prim is a dancer but not your run of the mill dancer. She is a zero gravity dancer. She dances in the air and does all sorts of amazing acrobatic tricks. Prim thinks this job is just a run of the mill job like she always has. She soon finds out that nothing will be the same again. She finds herself very attracted to the Commander Kraydic. Will she give into her desires for him? Will she keep things on a business level? While this book is considered erotica, I loved how the author was careful with her wording. She didn’t use overly “crude” words to tell what was going on. I feel that sucks you in even more.  

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