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This review is for some products from excederm. Exederm carries products for both children and adults that have Eczema, dermatitis and other sensitive skin that needs special care. 


I received cleansing baby bath, hydrating baby lotion, and flare control cream. I do not have any babies. My husband however has eczema and he tried out these products for me.

He likes these products. The baby bath was harder to use since it was designed for babies and he’s an adult. He absolutely loves the lotion and flare control cream though. None of these products made him break out. The climate changes are rough on his skin. He is very cautious about what he uses on his skin. We would definitely buy the products for adults for him. 

To see all of the products they sell click hereThey offer a special discount of 20% on orders of 3 or more items. There is also free shipping to the US/Canada on any order over $50. 

Exederm’s products do not have the things that most do not realize irritate our skin. Their products do not contain: fragrance, color or dyes, Parabens, propylene glycol, (SLS) Sodium Laueth Sulfate, (CAPB) Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Phthalates.

On their website they offer some tips for some common skin allergens. You can read their tips on: Itch Scratch Cycle, Dust mites, and a few Home Improvements. Click here to read the tips. 

Two of the most common skin problems are Eczema & Dermatitis. 

Eczema and dermatitis are interchangeable words derived from old Greek and Latin they both basically mean the same thing: “inflammation of the skin”

It’s uncomfortable and irritating, but it’s not life-threatening and it’s not contagious. There is no miracle cure but it can be very effectively managed and often avoided.

Eczema & Dermatitis affects about one in every five people at some time in their lives

There two main types or either Eczema or Dermatitis:

Atopic: This describes a chronic itchy skin condition very common in children and often associated with allergy problems such as hay fever or asthma

Contact: This describes a skin condition provoked by contact with an irritant substance such as detergent, soap or even nickel. It can affect all age groups. It is the most common form of adult dermatitis or eczema

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  1. Gerald Paulk says:

    great site

  2. betty crawford says:

    My daughter has a nickel allergy that makes her hands break out in dermatitis if she eats foods that have nickel. I have atopic dermatitis.

  3. My son has excema. This would be nice to try.

  4. kim burnett says:

    Yes my nephew does!

  5. yes, my niece has excema

  6. melikegarfield says:

    I have a coworker that suffers from eczema.

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