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Are you trying to be more eco friendly? Rock in Green helps with that. I’m happy to bring you this review of their hard concentrate laundry detergent sample packs.

About Rock in Green:

If you are not using Rockin’ Green Eco Friendly Cleaning Products – you better check the label on your soap. Many of the “name brand” detergents and cleansers contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and much worse, including cancers.

Rockin’ Green products are the best laundry detergents and all natural cleaners because they are made with a biodegradable plant-based and petroleum-free surfactant. They are septic and grey-water safe. They are never tested on animals.

Our product line was developed by a mom who was fed up with the mis-labeling of supposed “green” cleaners and frankly, not happy with the performance of other so-called eco-friendly products. With the mission in mind to create green cleaning products that are hard working to meet the demands of every family, gentle on sensitive skin, AND Earth-friendly, we work everyday to make sure we release only the best formulas to you, our customer. We use the Rockin’ Green line on our own families each day and want only the best for our family and yours. (They’re great for babies, too!)

We have made a commitment to ourselves and you to keep bringing you safe, hard working products that you can feel good about using in your own home. If you ever have any questions, please use one of our contact forms to reach out us at anytime.

Thank you for being a loyal Rockin’ Green fan!

Rock in Green Hard Concentrate Laundry Detergent


Product Description:

The Rockin’ Green Hard Concentrate formula is specially formulated for people with hard water – you know the signs: spots on your glasses; stiff, scratchy clothes; you feel like there’s film on you when you ge tout of the shower… Our Hard Concentrate formula packs an extra punch to break through hard water to get your clothes clean without leaving any harmful chemicals on you or your clothes.  (What type of water do you have – Click here to find out). This is our Smashing Watermelons – juicy, fresh and a little bit sweet with just a touch of tartness (just like us…)

Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent is an eco-friendly way to get your whole family’s clothes clean. It works hard on dirt and stains while being gentle to the environment and your budget.

Contains NO:

  • Enzymes
  • Phosphates
  • Optical Brighteners
  • SLS
  • Parabens

All our ingredients are biodegradable – even the packaging is 100% recyclable! We are Vegan and Gluten friendly too! Are our scents gentle enoigh for sensitive skin? Of course, all our scents are made from distillations of natural essential oils – never artificial scents.

Rockin’ Green saves you money. Did you know that ONE BAG can do up to 90 loads? HE machine users need only 1 TBS of soap per load…that comes out to only about 19¢ per load!

Also Available in the following Scents:

  • Lavender Mint Revival – like walking through a field of lavender but with a Mint Julep in your hand (that’s how we do things in the South)
  • Mötley Cleän – ocean breezes greet your senses – but the kind at Cabo Wabo…look there’s Sammy Haggar!
  • Unscented – extra gentle unscented formula. Plain yes, but that’s way we like it (uh huh, uh huh. That’s the way…)

My Review:

The water in my apartment building is definitely hard water. I was happy to try this laundry detergent designed for hard water, I had no idea such a thing existed! My clothes came out super soft and smelling great. I love that the sample packs can do 2-4 loads of laundry. That gives you a chance to really try the product out instead of just once.

I love that it uses less soap to do a load of laundry. Did you know that some laundry detergents actually break down the fibers in your clothes and makes them wear out faster? 

I loved all 3 scents the laundry detergent came in: Lavender Mint Revival,Smashing Watermelons,Mötley Cleän.

I highly suggest giving Rock in Green a try. I am eager to try some of their other products.

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  1. I LOVE Rockin’ Green Soap! I wish more people knew about it because it is seriously the best. I think Smashing Watermelons is my favorite flavor, but I would take any of the scents because I know my clothes are well taken care of with Rockin’ Green! I’m going to try the Stinky Gear spray next!

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