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Big Red Rooster Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock

Has your kid ever looked at the moon with such joy? It’s almost a shame you have to bring them inside and send them to bed. They don’t get to enjoy the moonlight and all the wonder of the moon. With the Big Red Rooster Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock, you can now bring the moon inside.

big red rooster projection alarm clock review

Big Red Rooster has one awesome projection alarm clock, shaped like a rocket ship that they’re ready to launch! Check out their Kickstarter page so that you can help this rocket ship clock take off! This alarm clock projects time, NASA space pictures, both or nothing at all. The functions are extremely easy to set, and this clock can be battery operated with three C batteries. It also has a plug adapter, if you don’t want to soar through batteries.

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big red rooster projection alarm clock review


What images does this projection alarm clock have?

You can project a NASA Earth Picture, Man on the Moon, Moon, or a Space Shuttle. This is a fun time projecting alarm clock. It’s very versatile in it’s functionality. The head rotates to get a good projection going in the room. The time on the clock has a back light, the projection has a timer, and oh yeah… it’s an alarm clock! It blasts off in the morning when you have it set, and it will wake up your child without startling them. There’s a Snooze button, that every school-bound kid will be using. It resets the alarm to go off ten minutes later.

Big Red Rooster’s projection alarm clocks also come in a cool cat, dog, and a rawrsome dinosaur. They’re offering a 20% off discount on the Rocket Ship. Use Code ROCKET20 at check out and help take your kid’s dreams out of this world! This Big Red Rooster promo code expires 7/31/2016, so launch on over to the site. Don’t forget to check out their Kickstarter. Let’s make the Big Red Rooster Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock blast off!

Find this projection alarm clock on Amazon or BigRedRoosterProducts.com!

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  1. Jessica Cox

    I really like that it has an Easy to set alarm I have to set my kids alarm everynight because they can never quite figure it out

  2. Amy G

    My favorite feature is the four NASA images!

  3. Laura

    I like how it projects the time and the different NASA images on your ceiling or wall! 🙂

  4. Crystal Rose

    I like that it projects images too.

  5. Laurajj

    My favorite feature is that it Projects the time and 4 different NASA images on your ceiling or wall!

  6. abedabun dawn

    I love the Optional timer can be set for 10 or 30 minutes! I wonder if the clock would be easy or hard on the eyes first thing in the morning.

    1. Hi, It’s pretty easy on the eyes in the morning as long as it’s fairly light in the room. Thanks for asking!

      1. abedabun dawn

        Thank you.

  7. Barbara Riffe

    So neat, I have never seen anything like it, Project on the wall is amazing, The kids would love it.

  8. Dawn Monroe

    I like the different projection images and the dino model.

  9. Shannon

    I love that images project up to 30 inches in diameter.

  10. Darlene Carbajal

    I like the different nasa images.

  11. Marty Crosson

    I like that it projects on the wall/ceiling. Both kids can see the time without fussing over who gets the clock.

  12. Robin Abrams

    I love that it Project the time and 4 different NASA images on your ceiling or wall

  13. Lana Bradstream

    I like that it projects the time and NASA images on your wall.

  14. Noreen

    The adult sound machines has 10 sounds

  15. Sarah Oswald

    I love that it projects the time and 4 different NASA images on your ceiling or wall.

  16. amanda whitley

    i like that it projects the time on your ceiling/wall.

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