Review: RoomLookz Wall Paper

RoomLookz peel & stick wallpaper is easy to use.

Room Lookz Wall Paper

Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you another review for Room Lookz. Be sure to check out the previous review for their LED Lamp. This review is for their easy to stick wall paper.

My Thoughts on RoomLookz Wall Paper:

When I think of wall paper I think of that tacky wall to wall wallpaper from the 70’s I swear my mom had everywhere! Although this is called wall paper its more of a wall accent. This comes on a 20 inches X 16 feet roll that you can cut to size depending on where you are applying it. The material is similar to wall vinyl. 

You can match this with their other accessories or mix and match it. The lamp I reviewed was in the Pink Quatrefoil, this time I picked Aqua polka dots. I like to mix things up.

My computer desk has a door that can be locked (I never lock it) that I’ve taped things to over time. Unfortunately doing so has ruined the cosmetic look of the door. I used this wall paper to cover that up and to give my desk a bit of a girly feel. I love it, see the picture below.

RoomLookz Wall Paper

I also added it to the wall behind my desk that was chipping paint. I love to be unique and decorate my work space with things that have a special meaning to me. I was able to apply tape, or thumbtacks through the wall paper without any issues. I love that the backing has a grid to make measuring and cutting the size you need evenly and quickly. 

Connect with Room Lookz:

To learn more about the Peel & stick wall paper or to purchase your own check them out on their website.

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