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Sabi is a great one stop shop to get different items to improve your life. The Sport Cane is a great cane to assist with walking issues. I loved this cane and loved being able to review it for Gina’s Library of Reviews.

About Sabi:

Sabi products are designed to improve your life. Sabi helps you motive you despite your imprefections in life. Their ambition is to embrace life and make your everyday moments count. 


My Review:

I have to walk with a cane now ever since my an ankle fusion surgery. I was excited to be able to review a stylish cane and especially in my favorite color purple. 

This cane is very light weight, it only weighs 11oz. It’s so light, I’m always knocking it over when I prop it up against something like the kitchen counter. The cane comes in small, medium and large. It all depends on how tall you are. I’m 5’6″ so I got the medium. It turns out the cane I was using before I received this one was too tall for me and it was causing more pain. The cane supports up to 25olbs of weight.

I love the big rubber stopper type design for the bottom of the cane that touches the floor. The tip is made of the same material was hiking boots and running shoe soles. I feel this gives the cane much more support. When walking especially long distances with this cane it does not slip and gives you the feeling you will fall. I am much more confident walking when I’m using this cane. 

This cane comes in 4 different colors: Purple Rain (this is the one I have), True Coral (it looks orange on their site), Sage Green, and Twilight Blue. 

I love that this is an all terrain cane. I can be confident I’ll be safe walking no matter where I’m walking. So far, I’ve been indoors. However this summer I’ll be outside a lot and I can walk with confidence. I did walk on wet grass with this cane the other day. The cane did not slide at all. Since the cane did not slide, neither did I. I was very surprised and impressed. 

If you or a loved one needs a cane to walk around and be independent, I highly recommend a sport cane from Sabi. 

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  1. Shannon says:

    These are really nice and I am loving the colors they come in!

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