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Sagely makes it easy to remember to take your medication.

Sagely makes it easy to remember to take your medication on time with their easy to use pill organizer and app.


Sagely Smart Weekly Pill Organizer, which is about to revolutionize the world of pills, vitamins and supplements with a sleek, take on the traditional pill box (Read: This is not your grandma’s pill box!)

Great for travel and everyday to manage your pills and vitamins Sagely solves the challenges of traditional pill boxes for the 70 percent of Americans who take prescriptions everyday, including nearly 32 million Americans who take more than five prescriptions daily.

In fact, it was founder Ivor Miskulin’s experience helping his grandfather with his medications and the frustrations with traditional pill boxes that inspired him to create Sagely.

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Sagely‘s pill organizer and app is exactly what my household needs.

My husband and I both have multiple medications to take a day. Life gets busy and we forget to take them which can be dangerous depending on what health conditions you have.

The pill organizer is 2 sided so you can add day time and night time medications in one container for the day. I love that it’s so big and easy to open. The lid is a rubberized and very easy to open if you have arthritis in your hands (like I do) but yet it is securely shut. Each day is it’s own container that sits on a tray. You can easily take one or a few days worth of pills with you easily and keep the actual pill bottle at home.

What I really love about Sagely is their app.

The app is free to download from itunes or the google play store. You can add the medications you take and the dosage. This is great if you go to different kinds of doctors and they all want to know what your list of medications are. It’s hard to remember the dosage and the proper name of your medications. The app also lets you sent a daily reminder of when to take your medication. It has a tone that goes off once and displays “time to take your medication” on your home screen of your phone. My husband and I will no longer forget to take our very important medication.

Would you like the change to win your own pill organizer? Be sure to enter the form below. The giveaway will run from midnight EST July 21, 2016 to midnight August 4, 2016

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  1. Sam Stamp

    I love that they’re bigger than traditional pill boxes, clear & probably much harder to lose track of!

  2. Barbara

    I love that it’s two sided for morning/night and also that the containers are larger. I’m not using a pill organizer exactly because I can’t find one that’s got enough room and is am/pm, and there have been times I’ve forgotten to take things because it’s not in front of me.

  3. Richard Hicks

    I love the app keeps up with so many medications and reminds you to take your pills

  4. Patricia Shea-Samul

    I love the fact that it’s easy open, and I can take my daily pills with me!

  5. Char

    I really like that these are easy to open, thank you so much for the offer!

  6. Justin Sparks

    Ease of use

  7. Michael S

    Its perfect for people who take quite a few vitamins and supplements. It would be great for keeping everything organized due to the clear container and easy to fill top.

  8. jeremy mclaughlin

    Love how it is so easy to use.

  9. Kirsten Perez

    I could use this for my sons medication.

  10. Sophie L

    This would definitely help organize my meds, I love the color!

  11. Brittney House

    I love how easy it is to open.

  12. Laurie Nykaza

    I like the design and color of the pill box my son has a heart transplant and takes lots of pills morning and night so this would be perfect for all his meds

  13. Nicole Sender

    I like that the pill organizer is 2 sided.

  14. Stefanie G

    I love that I can keep all my pills organized and make it easier for me to remember which pills to take

  15. Christine L

    Love that it’s all divided and organized. I have a bad memory when it comes to supplements so this would be great!

  16. vera wilson

    Like that it is two sided.

  17. Lori Williams

    I love that it is 2 sided so you can use it when you have so many pills taken at different times of day, and more than one person. My husband and I both take medication and you are right, it can get very confusing.

  18. abbie guerrero

    I take 2-3 pills a day and I love how trendy this pill pack is. The other ones are SO ugly!!

  19. Regine Karpel


  20. Teela

    I love that they are big and easy to use. All the meds I am on this would be wonderful.

  21. susan

    That it is easy to open and easy to fill. I take a lot of meds every day and this would help me organize them.

  22. Jill Jacoby

    I really like that they are double sided so you can put meds or vitamins you take twice a day in the same pill holder

  23. Mary M.

    I like the two sided pill box. I am currently using regular one sided pill boxes. I prepare several pill boxes at the time instead of preparing one each week.

  24. Erica B.

    Being two sided is nice.

  25. manekeniko

    I like the two colors they chose for the product.

  26. susan smoaks

    i am happy that this would help eliminate the problems we have with pills currently

  27. liz lew

    Easy for my father in law

  28. Laura

    Would love this I take a lot of medications this will keep me organized.

  29. Sonya Morris

    I love the larger size of the container! My grandmother always fumbles with hers and this is the perfect size!

  30. Sarah L

    I like that it will be easy to open and close. I have RA and take lots of pills.
    Thanks for the contest.

  31. laurie murley

    I like that it is easy to use and understand

  32. Hesper Fry

    I like that it is easy to open and color coded for day and night.

  33. Allyson becker

    I love the 2 sided feature. This is genius

  34. Laura

    I like that it is 2 sided. I could really use one of these!

  35. Tammy Woodall

    I like that it’s bigger – which will make it easier to use. Also, the smaller (big) pill bottle would make it perfect to take your medicine with you when you may need it for just the day.

  36. cassandra m

    i love that it actually has an app!

  37. peggy rydzewski

    I like that it doesn’t look like the others on the market.

  38. Missy

    I like the size and color of it.

  39. Brandon Sparks

    I really love that there bigger then normal ones…

  40. MARIA simon


  41. Rajee Pandi

    love the compact size and comes with app

  42. Sand

    I like that it keeps all the pills neat and organized.

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