Sentry Safe helps to organize and protect your important documents.

Do you struggle to keep your important documents organized? Sentry Safe can help keep them all in one place.

Sentry Safe

Sentry Safe is a name we all know and trust for personal home safes. Not only do these safes keep all of your important documents safe and secure, it’s also fire proof. This is important in case you are the unfortunate victim of a home fire, all of your important documents will stay secure.

A personal safe is also a great way to protect your valuables in case of a robbery. It’s easy to hide this safe. Perhaps you have irreplaceable items you want to keep. A safe is a great place to keep them.

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I have been wanting a Sentry Safe.

I have been wanting a Sentry Safe for a long time. I have the habit of putting important paper work “somewhere safe where I won’t forget”. I’m sure you know where this is going. Yep, without fail I start to frantically looking all over the house for the missing item(s). *sigh* I now have a place to store all of the important paperwork for the house.

Each safe has it’s own key.

My husband has a Sentry Safe he’s had since before we met. He has that full to the brim and it still looks brand new. What we love is that each safe has it’s own set of keys. The key to the household one does not open his personal safe and visa versa. This is a great feature to have!

A Sentry Safe is fire, and water protected. It has a lock and a sturdy handle as well. It’s big enough to hold your important documents but yet small enough to fit in a closet out of sight.

Each safe runs around $45. This is a small price to pay for a sense of security. I highly recommend that each household has at least one.

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  1. We bought two Sentry Safes years ago & we love them! They definitely are necessities & investments to keep your investments in! We keep everything from birth certificates, paper stocks, deeds, etc. we also liked that they are fireproof!!

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