September Topic: Something You Feel Strongly About

Something you feel strongly about


Everyone has something they feel strongly about. It can be something that resulted from your past, or something you witnessed. It can really be anything.
What I feel strongly about is that we as a whole, need to treat each other better. What ever happened to love thy neighbor? These days everyone is eager to judge one another without knowning what that person has gone through in life to make them the way they are now.
I remember hearing stories, or watching things on tv about how communittes use to come together and have fun, help out one another. Now adays that does not happen.
We are not as friendly as we use to be, we are quick to pass judgement on others. We say we don’t like drama and gossip. How many times have we witnessed someone say those words yet were the first to say “Oh wow did you hear about so and so?”
I think we need to go back to being nice to one another, love one another. We are all struggling in life one way or another. We don’t know what anyone else has dealt with in life. Instead of passing judgement and being rude: say hi, wave.

Go back to treating others the way you would like to be treated. If we did that, I feel this world would be a much better place.
Tomorrow’s topic is: “A Book You Love”
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