September Topics: Bullet Your Day

Bullet Your Whole Day


Today’s topic is “Bullet Your Whole Day”. I did this yesterday. I kept track of everything I did. It’s harder than you would think.

Got up
Went to the bathroom
Gave mother in law her medication
Got food out of cupboard for mother in law for dinner
Made breakfast
Turned on computer
Checked email
Checked facebook
Scheduled 2 book reviews on my blog

Worked on editing a product review post
Scheduled a book promo post
Shared blog posts from today on social media
Wrote another product review

Set up Bloggy Moms Profile

Got some lunch


Paid bills
Commented on fellow bloggers blogs
Looked at sale ads/coupons for the week
Cleaned up bedroom
More blog work
Visit message board
Spend time with hubby


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  1. awesome actual bulleting of your day 🙂 don’t you wish you could have said something like hang glided or gone horseback riding? LOL

  2. I really wish my day consisted of more than just sitting on my butt with the laptop. I’m’ not asking for conquering world peace, but something productive would of been nice lol

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