September Topics: Your Family

Your Family

Today’s topic is Your Family.

My family is a very blended family. However we are also a small family. There are not a bunch of aunts/uncles and cousins running around.

My household consists of:
My Husband
My Mother in law
My step daughter on the weekends.
Oh yeah and my mother in law’s dog.
My Immediate family consists of:
My daughter
My parents
My sister and brother in law.
We get along great with my step daughter’s mom, Step dad, and baby sister so I will include them as well as my family.
I told you my family was small. What family members do your family consist of?

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  1. I have 4 kids but my oldest is in college so it’s my huband, my other daughter and my 2 sons…and 2 chihuahuas & 3 cats!

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