September Topics: Five Pet Peeves

Five Pet Peeves


Five Pet Peeves
Everyone has pet peeves. I’m not real sure to be honest what mine are. It took me awhile to come up with these ones.
1. Chewing with your mouth open.
We all know someone that does this. This is where the saying “chewing like a cow” comes about. There is no need to chew with your mouth open. Taking smaller bites will insure that the food fits in your mouth.
2. Drama and headgames
These things go hand in hand. Life is too short to play games with other peoples emotions. It’s also way too short to deal about drama. No one’s life is full of sunshine and roses all the time. We all have stress and things going on. We don’t need to feed on it though. Look at the happiness and love in our lives.
3. Talking during the movies
Let’s face it, it’s expensive to go to the movies anymore. Most of the time when we go to the movies its to see a movie we really wanted to see. We’ve been waiting for it to come out. I hate when someone is talking so loudly to the person next to them that you hear them and not the movie. I’m sorry nothing you have to say is that important. Wait until the movie is over for that.
4. Not washing hands after rest room.
This one is just down right disgusting. People don’t realize how many germs are in a bathroom. Especially a public rest room. Out of common curtousy please wash your hands!
5. Unruly Children
This is a major pet peeve. I’m all for letting children explore and learn the world around them. However, not when they are running around or yelling and disturbing others around you. Not everyone things that every single thing your special snowflake does is just the most adorable thing ever!


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  1. If I had extended my list further… these would’ve been on it. LOL

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