September Topics: Things You Want To Say To An Ex

Things You want to say to an ex


This is a touchy subject. Not only can it be a very emotional and private thing, it can also be seen as drama. I’ve already mentioned how much I hate drama.

There are a few things I’d love to say to my most recent ex. Unfortunately some of it is highly personal that I do not feel comfortable sharing on my blog. So, I’ll share the summary of what I’d say but not all the details. These are not in any particular order.

1. You need to grow up. You are 48 yrs old. It’s time to be a man and get away from mommy. Seriously!

2. You wouldn’t know what love was if it smacked you upside the head with a 2×4

3. You need to learn that talking inappropriately online is the same as physical cheating.

4. Not everyone wants to talk to you 24/7. Just because you are friends with someone that does not mean you need to hang out with them for hours every time you see them.

5. You mentioned you wanted to be a step dad. Unfortunately you have no idea what that means. It’s more than just a title of “daddy”.

6. Being with you has taught me to stand up for what I want/deserve in a relationship. I’m finally with a great man who treats me the way I should be treated. 

7. I’m sorry to tell you but you are not all that. You brag that you are this big hot shot guy. You are nothing but a loser. You will always be one until you grow up.

8. I get you love your dog. However, your dog should not come before anyone else. The relationships you have with humans should come before your dog. 

There is much more I could say but I feel this is more than enough on this topic! 


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  1. That’s great advice…hopefully he reads this and takes it!

  2. I could direct quite a few of my exs to this post…. all but the dog thing would apply. LOL

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