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Shandali offers two different towels. They sell a Yoga Towel an a Travel Towel. Gina’s Library of Reviews was happy to review the Travel Towel.

Towel Use

This towel can only be bought on Amazon. In the summertime I live in a travel trailer. Space is at a very minimum. I was very excited to review this towel.

This towel makes doing the dishes much faster. We don’t have a lot of counter space in the trailer, we also don’t have a dish drainer. I have to lay a towel on the counter and put the dishes on that to dry. The dishes would usually dry faster than the towel. I do tend to do the dishes at night so I would have a damp/stinky towel for hours. Sometimes it would still be wet the next day. I don’t have that issue with this towel from Shandali. 

Now the towel dries faster than the dishes themselves sometimes since the towel is 100% microfiber material. I can now get my chores down a lot faster. This towel is thin and fits into the closet with ease. There is not any bulk so it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

If you do a lot of outdoor activities or exercise this is a must have towel. You can carry it in your bag with you at all times and it will not take up much space. It’s very soft. It comes in three different colors: light blue, pebble & stone, and river blue.
There is a 30 day money back guarantee. This towel is perfect for: travel, sports, camping or the beach. This towel retails $24.95. I know that we can use a few more of these in the trailer. There is a neat feature to this towel that I’ve never seen before, it has a hook. You can use the hook to help hang the towel to dry, or you can use it to clip the towel to your bag for each reach.



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