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I was given the opportunity to review some Sanford markers and pens via Shoplet. Shoplet is your one stop shop for office supplies. Sandford is the parent company for Sharpie. Here is some information about the Sharpie brand.

About Sharpie:

Today, Sharpie stands for far more than just markers. It’s the brand that stands up for self-expression. Letting you be heard, putting you at the center of your world, helping you express all the ideas, feelings, moods, and memories you have with absolute conviction and absolute passion—that’s what Sharpie’s all about!

With the introduction of products like Liquid Pencil, Gel Highlighter, and Stained by Sharpie, Sharpie continues coming up with innovative ways for you to uncap what’s inside. And with the launch of the new and improved, now you can showcase and share all things Sharpie and find all of your favorite products for self-expression—all on the same site.

When you start with Sharpie, you never know where you’ll end up. That’s the wonder of creating something. And Sharpie will continue to help you bring out what’s inside yourself and share it with the world.

Here are the items I received for review: Premium PenNeon Permanent MarkersMetallic Permanent Marker. I also received white sunglasses to decorate with the markers.



I have loved the sharpie brand for a long time. I never thought about using sharpies to decorate things that are not on paper. My daughter loved the sunglasses.

My daughter is 18 and loves to be unique and has her own sense of style. She had a blast with these sunglasses. The sunglasses also fit over top of her eye glasses and she was excited about that! Here is her finished product.



It’s hard to believe those sunglasses were white isn’t it? Now she has a pair of cool sunglasses for the summer (If it ever arrives. It’s been a long winter!)  

I think it would be fun to also get some white t-shirts and let young kids decorate some shirts for the summer. It would be a great way to help with cabin fever. 

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  1. How FUN! My 19 year daughter uses her Sharpie’s to decorate everything she owns.

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