Silent Chaos Book Review

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Title: The Silent Chaos

Author: Kristina Circelli

Publisher: Kristina Circelli

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 244

Release Date: May 19, 2016

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A silent call for help began the friendship between two children. A bond unlike any other kept them together.

Finn was just a kid when he first heard Snow’s voice inside his head, two children in need of a friend and finding one in mysterious strangers. Never meeting in person, the pair grows up as opposites – Finn the boy who loves to get in trouble and works for the toughest drug lord in town, Snow the good, sheltered girl who wants to be a doctor.

The bond built upon a strange ability to hear each other’s thoughts is threatened when Snow is abducted, her screams for help consuming Finn’s mind until they disappear completely, submerging him in a terrifying silence he’s never known before. Now it’s up to Finn to save her, led only by Snow’s sporadic thoughts as she floats in and out of consciousness.

But the search for Snow leads him to a truth he isn’t prepared to face, a truth that has the power to unravel his entire world. The people he thought he knew, the life he thought he’d made, the best friend he thought he could protect – all point toward a brutal reality should he fail.

And as Finn struggles to find Snow before she slips away, he must fight to keep that reality out, lest he let the chaos in.

My Thoughts:

Finn and Snow started to talk to each other in their minds as young children. We all have that small voice in our head but what if you could talk back and forth with that voice to have a real conversation. That is the unique relationship Finn and Snow have.

Finn is a bad boy growing up on the streets. Snow is a good girl adopted at a young age into a loving family with 2 parents. She didn’t lack for anything.

One day Snow suddenly screams for help, and Finn is determined to find her and rescue her. The problem is he doesn’t know her real name or even where she lives.
I read a lot and I can usually figure out where a book is going towards the end. This one threw me for a loop. I did not see how this was going to play out at all.


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