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I love nail polish and fancy nail designs. It’s hard to find designs that look good on extremely short nails. My nails are extremely short! I came up with something very simple. I’m sure someone else has done this as well.

The supply list was only 3 things:

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails “Hard to get” (White)

Finger Paints “Tiffany Imposter” (Light Blue)

Painters Tape


I painted my nails with the Sally Hansen as a base. I covered that with a top coat. I then cut triangles for 2 nails I was putting a strip on. I made a triangles of the painters tape to make a strip of the Finger Paints blue. When the blue tried I took the tape off and covered them again with top coat. This is the end result:



It was super simple to do and it looks cute! I love the result. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your nail polish. You may just come up with a great design.


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  1. Very cute! I’ll have to try that out sometime.
    I also really like those 2 colours together

  2. Love the design. I have so many stripers and nail art tools and love to try new designs and come up with my own. I get a lot of my designs off of Pinterest and then either do the same or re-create them!

    Super cute!

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