Mar 21

Sink out of sight hides your dirty dishes with ease.

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Sink out of sight helps make your kitchen sink pretty and hide the dirty dishes. This is perfect for those unannounced house guests.

Sink out of Sight

Sink Out Of Sight™, you can make more time in your busy day, and still use your sink in the process! Sink Out Of Sight is a beautifully designed cover for your kitchen sink no matter the size, and it keeps anything in your sink out of sight. It attaches to your counter with suction cups and stays in place until you take it off. Removal and cleaning is easy! Just throw it in the dishwasher to clean. 
  • This is the ONLY sink cover that allows you to use your sink while it’s in place!
  • Unexpected guests? No problem! Quickly cover up your dirty dishes!
  • Water still runs through it!
  • Hide your old, dingy sink
  • Fits any size sink
  • Easy to install suction cups
  • Dishwasher safe

Sink out of sight helps to make my kitchen always look “company ready”.

I live in a small 2 bedroom apartment. You can see into my kitchen as soon as you walk in the door. My husband is a bit OCD about cleaning and the dishes so we don’t typically have a bunch hanging around long but there are times where we have a sink full of dishes. The sink cover is perfect for those occasions.

There is next to no set up to install your Sink out of sight. There are four slight cuts in the corners of the sink cover. This is to install the suction cups. Once they are in place, you simply place the sink cover over your sink and have the suction cups stick to your counter around the sink.

I love that you can still run water over it. This is great if you need to rinse something out, or if you want a glass of water. No one has to know what you have under there.

My kitchen sink has a lot of metal around the edges but I was still able to adhere the suction cups past it. I loved how it made my small drab kitchen brighten up a bit. 

This would make a unique housewarming gift. It’s also great for young adults just starting out in the world. 

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