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Snap Power is an electrical face plate that has an extra outlet to charge your electrical devices.

snap power

SnapPower‘s goal is to create simple and convenient solutions to power home electronics and automation devices with our innovative prong technology. They are working diligently to provide our customers with a unique line of products that solve some of the most basic issues in today’s home.

No more worrying about losing the bulky plug-in chargers that we receive with our cell phones and other portable electronic devices. SnapPower Charger uses prong technology to draw power directly from your electrical outlets. It require no wires or batteries and installs in seconds. The USB Charger is perfect for every room in the house and it’s low profile design allows for easy access to a USB charge behind large furniture without having to move the furniture.

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Snap Power helps reduce my tangle of cords.

My husband hates my tangle of cords I have all over the place. I am always charging something. It’s a combination of my laptop, cell phone, and tablet.

I love the Snap Power, I have it installed in my office. I can now charge my devices easily when I’m busy with work. It was also very easy to install and only took a few moments to do.

I’m not very handy at all. To install this all I had to do was use a screwdriver and take the old electrical face plate off my electrical outlet. The Snap Power has prongs that go in the wall and you attach the new face plate with the included screws. It’s that simple!

This is a great gift for anyone that has a lot of electronics to charge at any given time.

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