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Gina’s Library of Reviews has previously reviewed an ice ball maker and digital meat thermometer from Home-Complete. This review is of a spiral slicer. 

Slicer Use

I love when I find products that help me in the kitchen. I’m really a good cook, but I’m learning. Space is limited in my kitchen at home and in the RV. This slicer is just what I need in both. I can store it in a drawer for easy access. 

This slicer is the perfect size to cut fresh vegetables for a salad. Summer time is a great time for salads, I tend to eat a lot of salads in the summer. You can cut fresh vegetables such as:  Vegetable Pasta and Veggie Noodles from Carrots, Zucchinis,Turnips, Rutabagas, Cucumbers, Large Radishes to make vegetable pasta or noodles.

Benefits of Our Vegetable Spiral Slicer

1. Save time-You can cut vegetables in minutes.

2. Quick operation-Twist vegetables as you would a pencil sharper.

3. Easy to clean-Cleans easily with soap and water. If vegetables pieces get stuck, use the included brush to clean.

4. Compact size-As I stated this fits easily in a drawer since the size is 5.2″x2.8″x2.8″.

5. Easy to handle-The design and material make this slicer easy to hold.

6. Keeps you safe- The plastic used is BPA safe. Also, there is a holder to hold the vegetables so your hand does not get close to the blade. 

7. Minimum vegetable waste- There is hardly any waste of the vegetables. This also saves you money.

8. Bonus- A recipe book containing 25 salad ideas is included with pictures.

9. Lifetime Risk Free Guarantee- The company will give you a full refund if you are not happy with the product.

10. Price- This is only $14.99 on Amazon

I think this is a great way to get children to eat their vegetables as well. If it looks like a vegetable, children tend to not want to eat it. Now you can make the vegetables look like pasta and your picky eater just may eat it!


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