Sport Squeeze reusable squeeze pouch

Sport Squeeze is a reusable squeeze pouch for all sorts of things.

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The Sport Squeeze features a larger 8oz size that is perfect for homemade power gels, smoothies and protein shakes. The Sport Squeeze lets you take control of the fuel that feeds your body.

The Original Squeeze Company, actively participate in environmental and social responsibility. Taking care of their children and the community around us is a crucial step in squeezing the goodness out of what we are given. The production of our product line involves many communities both in the U.S.A. and overseas—all of whom are provided safe, ethical, healthy work environments.

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The Sport Squeeze makes my morning easy!

I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, my stomach does not always agree. If I eat breakfast too quickly after waking up, I get sick.

There are times I have early morning errands to run. Without fail I always get hungry when I’m running errands. It can get expensive to eat out a lot.

I can now take my breakfast with me. I can quickly make one of my favorite fruit smoothies and carry it with me. I love the carabiner that comes with it. This makes it easy to clip to my purse. I also get thirsty a lot because of my medications. I can easily fill it with water to have a drink on hand at all times.

Here are some details of what the Sport Squeeze is made out of:

  • BPA-PVC-and Phthalate-free
  • Easy-to-assemble components
  • Easy flip-spout
  • Spout is interchangeable with any Original Squeeze™
  • Naturally non-stick for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher friendly, top-rack only
  • Freezer-safe
  • Our reusable squeeze pouch is eco-friendly and toxin-free
  • All materials are certified BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead Free\
  • The body, straw, and spout tip are 100% food grade safe silicone
  • The body, neck, ring, and spout are polypropylene (PP)

It’s easy to assemble the squeeze bottle in 2 simple steps:

Step 1

  • Place the ring over the neck of the Sport Squeeze body
  • The scallop-shaped cut out of the ring should fit exactly inside the scallop-shaped embossment of the body.
  • Be sure the lip of the ring is on the
    outer edge of the neck
    The scallop-shaped cut out of the ring should fit

Step 2

  • Grip the finger tabs on the ring
  • Take the spout with other other hand and screw onto the ring, making sure threads screw smoothly together until you can tighten no longer

This is a great squeeze water pouch that anyone would love to have! It’s extremely easy to use and totally a reusable squeeze pouch. They come in multiple colors and sizes. There’s baby squeeze pouches, children’s squeeze water bottles and sports squeeze bottles for keeping hydrated throughout the day. Use whatever you wish to fill them! Baby food, milk, water, smoothies, bring it all on the go! There’s different spouts for the pouches and different ounces, so you don’t have to worry your children over eating or not eating enough.

I love my Sport Squeeze and I think you will too! Check them out below!

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  1. Laurie P says:

    Interesting new bottle. Definitely a lot different from anything I already own!

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