Sprout pencils give back to the environment.

Sprout pencils are a must have item on your back to school shopping list this year.


Sprout is a green startup behind the world’s first sustainable pencil that you can plant after use. The vision is to become the global leader of green and sustainable consumer products. We sell both to businesses and to retailers in over 60 countries. The company is successfully developing rapidly and the sales and development potential is still relatively untapped. Sprout is now selling a variety of sprouting consumer goods.

Three students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, came up with this idea for the task: “Design the sustainable office article of tomorrow” The students set out to create the first plantable pencil in the world. The Sprout pencil was designed to be made out of sustainable wood with a dissolvable end capsule containing seeds.

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Why do I love Sprout pencils?

We all use pencils especially students. I can’t even count the amount of pencils I’ve thrown away over the years. These pencils are unique in that you can plant them when they are too small to sharpen anymore.

You can turn your pencils into a home science product with your kids. Children would love to watch their plants grow and become something you can actually eat. Imagine that. You can eat something that came from your discarded pencil!

There are 3 different types of pencils to choose from.

You can pick between the herb, flower or vegetable & fruit pencil. Each pack comes with 3 pencils. They even offer colored pencils.

For the purpose of my review I received the Vegetable pencils. I can now plant cherry tomato, red cayenne, and sweet pepper. Here are some details about the vegetable pencils.

  • Contains a capsule with non GMO and pesticide-free seeds in the end. When the capsule gets in contact with soil and water, your pencil starts to sprout.
  • High quality pencils handmade from sustainably harvested cedar wood.
  • 100% natural ingredients – no lead or toxics.
  • The Sprout Pencil Edition is patented worldwide.
  • Produced and packaged in both USA and Europe under decent working conditions.
  • The perfect gift for both adults and kids.
  • Can be planted both indoors and outdoors.

I love that they can be planted indoors. I live in an apartment building with a shared yard. It’s easy to plant your pencil.

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  1. I love how these are sustainable and made with 100% natural ingredients! Very eco-friendly!

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