Review: Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty is a toilet stool that helps you with your personal business.

squatty potty

Squatty Potty sells different toilet stools. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their Ecco 9″ stool.

My Thoughts on the Ecco stool:

Bathroom issues are private and something we don’t really like to talk about. A lot of people have problems with digestion and bowel movements. I personally suffer from IBS, those symptoms are horrible. Studies have shown that if you squat to release your bowels, you’ll have an easier time doing so. I have to admit this is true! I have had to exert a lot of pressure before to totally empty my bowels. When you exert pressure you can cause stomach cramping, pulled muscles, and even hemorrhoids. 

Our colons have a natural kink in them so that we don’t have accidents. When in a sitting position on the toilet the natural kink is still there making it harder to go. If you squat, the kink is straightened out and it’s easier for a complete emptying of your bowls. 

There are 5 medically proven problems with sitting to on the toilet as opposed to squatting. They are:

  1. Constipation
  2. Hemorrhoids
  3. Colon Disease
  4. Urinary Difficulty/Infections
  5. Pelvic Floor Issues

There is nothing to put together to use this, it’s one piece that already comes assembled. You simply put it in front of the toilet. I love that it pushes against the toilet out of the way when not needed. I am in total love with this product and recommend everyone to have one. There are 4 different models to choose from and they range from $25 to $80. 

Connect with Squatty Potty:

To learn more about Squatty Potty or to purchase your own check them out on their website. 


Squatty Potty was generous enough to offer one of my readers a squatty potty of their own. The giveaway will run from October 20, 2015 until November 3, 2015. Open to US residents only. Be sure to enter the form below for your chance to win. Sweepstakes Rules

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  1. I like that it helps with IBS – I’ve had issues with that, too.

  2. I like that it hugs the toilet and blends in

  3. I like that it pushes out of the way while still being available for use, so people in the house can choose to use it or not, without a big production.

  4. What I like the most is the video and illustration. For some reason, it cracked me up. I also like that it eliminates strain. Any help I can get with my IBS is appreciated.

  5. I have used regular stools, but I like that this hugs the toilet. The plywood & bamboo ones, give you different options too.

  6. Cindy Peterson says:

    I appreciate family businesses that are finding a way to assist people without drugs.

  7. I like that it works with how your body is naturally suppose to go

  8. I like that it works with how your body is naturally suppose to go!

  9. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Besides the health benefits, I like that this doesn’t take up extra room in a small bathroom.

  10. Monique Rizzo says:

    I like that it puts you in natures natural position to go potty. Thank you for the chance.

  11. Jennifer Scheldberg says:

    I also suffer from IBS and am very curious about this now.

  12. That it fits nicely and can help with so much!

  13. It’s healthy and natural!

  14. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I like how it helps you to go making it easier on your body .

  15. Jamie Williams says:

    I really have needed one of these and didnt know where to start, I like that its small enough to put in the closet if you want.

  16. Richard Hicks says:

    I like that it helps you to go naturally and not in an awkward position

  17. Robby Rob says:

    Just heard of this the other day from a colleague. I think it’s a great idea and makes lots of sense. I like that it helps things flow more naturally, and easily tucks away under the toilet.

  18. I love squatty potty! It totally helps with the flow. We could definitely use a second one for our other bathroom! 🙂

  19. DailyWoman (Lacey) says:

    I like that you can store it right under the toilet.

  20. Brittney House says:

    I really like how it hugs the toilet.

  21. Commenting for the Squatty Potty Giveaway! Awkwardly in need! I’ve heard very positive things and am super excited to try this product. As a college student with IBS, I can’t really afford to drop $30 but this product would definitely relieve some tension between me and more roommate over sharing the bathroom!

  22. Wendy Caddy says:

    I like that it tucks up to the toilet.

  23. Stephanie Liske says:

    I like that it’s better for you to go this way.

  24. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    I LOVE everything about it! That it helps you go with ease and no straining and how well it wraps around your toilet without taking up any extra space in the bathroom when not in use.

  25. kim keithline says:

    I love that it eliminates straining and makes it easier to go

  26. I like that it hugs next to the toilet and can easily be moved out of the way.

  27. susan smoaks says:

    i really want this, i love that it makes bowel movements easier for people with constipation problems, it seems natural to squat when using the restroom

  28. david paremske says:

    Easing discomfort.

  29. the puborectalis muscle creates a natural kink making elimination strained while we are sitting. Squatty Potty® relaxes things and makes elimination easier and healthier.

  30. Stephanie Larison says:

    I like that it works with any standard toilet, nothing extra needed to use.

  31. Jenette Gardner says:

    I have heard a lot about this and have always wanted to try one. Being a widow on disability it’s hard to find the extra money.
    So I’m happy to get a chance like this.

  32. I like that it stores next to the commode.

  33. courtney Wood says:

    I like that it hugs the toilet so its not in the way at all. I like the health benefits it provides and have been wanting to try it ever since I saw the unicorn video.

  34. Laurie Emerson says:

    I really like how it fits any toilet. I also like that it is doctor recommended.

  35. Carolyn Daley says:

    I like that it already comes assembled, it allows you to position yourself naturally, and it eases discomfort.

  36. tina reynolds says:

    I like it helps you go natural and the way it fits around the toilet

  37. Denise Bigley says:

    I like it helps you go naturally

  38. I like that it makes going easier. The out of the way design is awesome too.

  39. Rebecca Peters says:

    I like that it helps you go to the bathroom easier. i also love the unicorn video

  40. BILL HOFF says:

    I like that this hugs the toilet

  41. anna powell says:

    I love that it slides out of the way

  42. I like how it helps with proper positioning. I sometimes have to help my daughter by putting my foot under her feet to raise them up and this would be great!

  43. Donna Kellogg says:

    I think this is great and like that is will help with different bowel situations.

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