SHUSHU Stainless Steel Wallet Credit Card Holder Review

The SHUSHU RFID Stainless Steel Wallet Credit Card Holder is a slim sleek way to carry your credit cards.

SHUSHU The SHUSHU RFID protection card holder can perfectly block unwanted RFID scanners. It holds 10-15 business card or credit cards depending on the size of your cards. The ideal size is: :9.3x6x0.7 cm.

It has a polished surface that is sleek and fashionable. Although this is stainless steel it does not show your fingerprints because it has a polished look to it.

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Why I love the SHUSHU stainless steel wallet credit card holder:

My husband is a contractor and has a lot of business cards from other contractors or vendors. It can be difficult to keep them all organized and in one place. This stainless steel wallet is just the answer.

I love the slim sleek design of it as well. My husband can also leave his bulky wallet at home or locked in his desk drawer when he’s out on a job. He can keep his ID/bank card in this along with business cards.

Summer will be here before we know it and that means day trips, or vacations. This is great for those trips too. You can simply add the cards you need into this and slip it in your pocket. It’s slim enough to fit in the front pocket of your jeans. This is great because we know pick pocketing can happen but they always go for the back pocket.

The RFID protection is also great. Did you know that there are card readers out there that can read your card numbers without the thief even touching your card? How scary is that? The RFID technology blocks it so that your card can not be read, protecting your sensitive information.

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