Sticky Note Display Craft

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Are you a fan of sticky notes? Do you wish you had a creative way to display the notes you wrote down? I made this simple and easy sticky note display craft.

Sticky Note Display

I love to use sticky notes to keep track of quick ideas of my to do list, or things I want to remember in my blogging. When I’m in work mode my brain works a mile a minute. I’ll be working on one thing, and my brain will think of like 10 more that I want/need to do. Sticky notes is the answer.

I came up with this sticky note display one day. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has come up with a similar idea. If you are into crafting, you probably already had the supplies for this on hand. I did, that’s how I came up with the idea.

I had the supplies on hand because I’m a former scrapbooker but can’t seem to let go of my old supplies. I just find new purposes for them.

Sticky Note Display

Supply List:

Picture frame.

Tape runner. I personally used my ATG gun. ATG guns were originally designed for picture framers. The tape runner holds a lot of tape and is super sticky!

Paper Trimmer





Pattern paper


Sticky Note Display

The first thing I did was remove the backing to the frame. This particular frame had a paper insert that had tiny clothes pins on it. I removed the clothes pins so I could use the paper insert as a template.

Using the cardstock, I traced the paper insert to make sure it was the correct size. You can use this technique or you could actually measure it. I prefer to just use a ruler and trace it that way. With this set, you can cut the paper with scissors or the paper trimmer.

The cardstock fits the entire length of the inside of the frame. The next step is to trim out the pattern paper. You can customize this step so that the pattern paper is as large (full length) or as small as you want it to be. I tried to make it centered so that it was more of an accent.

Using the ruler I measured out the size of the pattern paper. When I had it the size I wanted, I used the ATG to glue it to the cardstock. I then placed both back into the frame making sure the side with the pattern paper was face first.

I replaced the backing to the frame and it was now ready for use. This is extremely simple but makes a great wall art. I can now attach my used sticky notes on the frame either on the border or the glass itself.

This is great for customizing for a teen girls room and would make a great gift. This is also a great sleepover activity.

I would love to see the designs you come up with for your own sticky note displays!

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