Stories from Bug Garden by Lisa Moser

Stories from Bug Garden is a children’s book. It is written by Lisa Moser and illustrated by Gwen Millward. This book is 32 pages long, and perfect for young readers. It is recommended for ages 4 to 8 and comes out March 22nd! You can pre-order this book on Amazon if you like what I have to say.

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Summary of Stories from Bug Garden –

Come peer between blades of grass at the secret lives of a garden’s tiniest inhabitants, revealed in lyrical vignettes and charming illustrations.

What may appear to be an abandoned garden is actually home to an unusual array of insects. Meet a ladybug who prefers making mud angels to acting like a lady, a roly-poly bug who loves to roll (“wa-hoo!”), a cricket who dreams of grand adventures, and a whole neighborhood of bugs gazing up at a fireworks show of flowers bursting into bloom. These inviting vignettes are sure to have readers seeing bugs in a whole new light.

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I am loving Stories from Bug Garden. They are short, simple stories about various creatures in the garden. There’s some cute wit and humor within them and some short, but direct lessons taught in them. There’s a horsefly that likes to pretend he’s a horse and a Butterfly comments on it, letting him know he’s a horseFLY, not a horse. The horsefly comments back, “Well, You’re not butter, either” and goes back to running. This to me states in a minor, but clear way, it’s okay to pretend and follow dreams.

There’s a lady bug, that defies her name when no one is looking. A lady is expected to do proper things, but she’s wild when she wants to be. Showing, it’s perfectly okay to do the unexpected. There’s other great short stories with small statements in there for kids to love, but they’re all cute.

The illustrations in Stories from Bug Garden are beautiful. The colors are vibrant and the designs captivate one’s attention. I truly am loving this book, and I hope my daughter enjoys it just as much. I cannot wait to give this Spring theme book to her for Easter! She loves bugs!

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