StressRX™ offers your body immediate help for stress management.

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The StressRX™ capsules contain adaptogenic herbs that are known to help increase energy, endurance, and stamina, and strengthen the immune system.


Without disrupting normal biological functions, StressRX™ manages and adapts to the body’s response to stress as it changes throughout the day. From external stresses such as harmful chemicals, polluted air, and poor food choices to internal stresses such as anxiety, brain fog, and fatigue, our Adaptogens provide what the body needs when it needs it.

StressRX™ uses only the finest grades of herbs and natural ingredients that are time-tested, safe, and adaptogenic in nature, without harmful side effects. Third party laboratories repeatedly test each product to ensure the safest and highest quality available.

We all lead stressful lives in one way or another, StressRx™ does help.

I may not have young children in the home anymore (my daughter is 21 and on her own), but I’m still stressed. I have my blog business, my household to run. I also have a hyper 8-month-old puppy and a husband. My husband and I both each have medical problems that I have to stay on top of. Especially my husband’s since he has bipolar.

I’m very careful about the supplements I take because some can interact with my prescription medication. If you do take any prescription medications, you should talk your health care provider before starting to take any supplements. I did not have any adverse reactions to the StressRx™. 

I did not have any adverse reactions to the StressRx™. I did, however, notice that I had more energy after taking these. StressRx™ did not take away from my life stress, but it gave me more energy to deal with them in a positive way instead of going into a depression from being overwhelmed that is so easy to do.

ln addition to supporting an energetic and rejuvenating sense of wellbeing, StressRX™ alleviates the following symptoms:

Protects the immune system
Helps combat the effects of stress
improves learning, memory, and reaction time
Reduces anxiety and depression without causing drowsiness
Helps reduce brain-cell degeneration
Stabilizes blood sugar
Helps lower cholesterol
Offers anti-inflammatorybenefits
Contains anti-malarial properties
Enhances sexual potency for both men and women

The primary ingredients include: Ashwogandha, Rhodioia and Cordyceps. They also have a proprietary blend of natural herbs.

Can you benefit from StressRx™ or know someone that could? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this supplement or any other stress reducing tricks you have. 

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  2. I’ve never heard of this. Sounds like it has many benefits.

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