Dec 09

Sunoco $25 Gift Card Ends 12/23


Sunoco is a company we all recognize. I am happy to bring you this giveaway for a $25 Gift Card.

About Sunoco:

Sunoco, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, has served their customers for over 125 years and is part of the Energy Transfer Partners, LP. family of companies. Sunoco is involved with Philabundance as well as the American Red Cross and is proud to have the opportunity to serve their community.
Sunoco’s retail business runs along the east coast from Main and is as far west as Wisconsin and Louisiana.  There are approximately 4,900 locations in 26 states. In addition, Sunoco has over 650 Aplus convenience stores in 15 states. 

Sunoco $25 Gift Card

My Review:

Gas prices are high everywhere. Unfortunately we can’t just park our cars and not drive anywhere. It’s also a busy time for us all with the holidays between shopping, and visiting friends and family. Who couldn’t use some help with the high cost of gas for our vehicles?

Sunoco has been generous enough to offer one reader a $25 gift card! Now you can save money on the things that need done for the family and holidays. Don’t forget that gift cards make a great gift. Think of that person that has everything that is hard to buy for, or a new driver. You can find a Sunoco Gas station near you ~here~. Right now at Sunoco APlus there will be a 10% discount on iTunes gift cards through the end of December! 


One winner will win a $25 Gift Card to Sunoco. Open to the US only and the giveaway ends 12/23.

Sunoco Icon

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  1. Geri

    We are not doing a lot of traveling this holiday season since our family lives so far away…And it’s very cold, lol. We will be driving to North Carolina in the early spring 🙂

  2. Olivia Hamilton

    Ill be traveling to my moms this year! She lives about 35 miles away which isnt too too bad 🙂 Merry Christmas!!

  3. Rachel

    I’m not traveling this year. I’m happy to stay at home with the family. 🙂

  4. Adrienne gordon

    for once, I am not travelling

  5. nickie

    Visiting family locally

  6. Cynthia C

    I will be staying home but I have family who will travel here.

  7. Tracy Pryor

    We are traveling to Florida after the New Year.

  8. Geoff K

    This year I’m traveling to Boston and Pittsburgh for the holidays.

  9. Tari Lawson

    We are staying local.

  10. Jane Thomas

    We will be staying home.

  11. rich m

    Unfortunately, I’m traveling to work 🙁

  12. HS

    We are visiting family out of town.

  13. Rebecca Graham

    I am traveling to relatives home in West Tennessee.

  14. Valencia

    No major travelling. Just driving around the city seeing local family.

  15. Amanda Sakovitz

    I’ll be traveling out of town

  16. tara darity

    I think we are staying home for the holidays!

  17. Valerie Negron

    We are just going to local families houses to celebrate the holidays. This would come in handy with that and traveling to and from work.

  18. Kelly D

    I am traveling to my parents house, they are only about 20 miles from me.

  19. Ann Fantom

    We will be visiting my in-laws in PA

  20. Melody

    This year we are staying home! We usually travel down to L.A. for at least one of the holidays because my hubbys family lives down there but I am so not into traveling with this weather going on.

  21. Karen N.

    I will driving to Quebec city in Canada to see some friends

  22. chris z

    im not traveling

  23. McKim

    We will be staying home, so won’t be traveling anywhere.

  24. Sandy Klocinski

    I did my traveling for Thanksgiving. Staying home for Christmas

  25. natalie yeoman

    i will be traveling to columbus ohio this season

  26. Julie l

    We are traveling to Hawaii but gas money always helps!

  27. Daniel G.

    Staying home

  28. Heather Dawn

    I will be going to my in laws!

  29. Thomas Murphy

    I am going to my parents house in FL.

  30. anthony ciofani

    Visiting family locally

  31. jessica mcfarlin


  32. steve weber

    I’m going to my sister’s house which is only an hour away.

  33. Trish

    I am traveling to Wisconsin

  34. Aaron

    Staying right here =/

  35. Tricia G

    We are staying home this holiday.

  36. Carly D.

    I am not traveling. I have to work unfortunately! I might visit some family on the weekend if I can.

  37. Mary Casper

    I will be going to Michigan

  38. Shannon

    Across town is about all.

  39. Holly Thomas

    I won’t be traveling this year.

  40. Allie

    We are only traveling an hour each way

  41. Crystal F

    We will not be traveling this Christmas. We just celebrate with our family of four. Thank you!

  42. Crystal

    No travel plans this year, but planning a road trip for Jan or Feb.

  43. Elle

    I am probably not traveling anywhere super special this holiday season.

  44. Bridgett Wilbur

    We are going to my moms for the holidays.

  45. Arielle

    I will be traveling to New York City for the holidays.

  46. amy guillaume linderman

    travelling from cleveland to buffalo if the weather is good

  47. janna johnson


  48. Maria B

    I am going across my city to visit my family for Christmas.

  49. Jill Mckelvey

    Going home to Michigan :))))

  50. Veronica L

    We see all the grandparents in one big trip from Georgia to Tennessee

  51. Robin

    We’re staying home for the holidays this year.

  52. Daniel M

    yes visiting a few relatives

  53. Erica B.

    We aren’t going anywhere.

  54. Breanne

    I’m traveling to my aunt and uncles house.

  55. Stephanie Larison

    We’re going to be visiting family about an hour away.

  56. laurie

    i’m going to orlando florida to see my brother

  57. Kim H

    I am traveling to my moms!!!

  58. melissa Resnick

    just staying local

  59. Linda F.

    I am not traveling anywhere this holiday season.

  60. Lisa V.

    I won’t be going far as I’m taking care of my sick dad.

  61. Dawn Keenan

    We were going to NYC after Christmas, but cancelled due to my gall bladder not wanting to go.

  62. Alyson

    I will be travelling from Ohio to New York this holiday season. It’s a long drive with two boys, but we have our rest stops all planned out.

  63. Theresa Smith

    We are only having Christmas with our family and since we all live in the same house we don’t have to go anywhere. But we have used a lot of gas shopping for all of the presents for the grandkids.

  64. Lisa Garner

    I will be traveling to visit my parents.

  65. Amy bavier bartley

    20 minutes away to my Inlaws.

  66. Brittney House

    I’m not traveling anywhere.

  67. Jennifer Wilson Davis

    not traveling staying right in GA

  68. Melanie Montgomery

    We are not traevling this year, no.

  69. Lisa

    I will be staying around here.

  70. Beverly Metcalf

    Were going to spend Christmas with family out of town and this gas card would help. Thanks!

  71. Trisha McKee

    We are staying home but I have an aunt that is traveling to be with us and I’d love to help out with gas money.

  72. Erin Moyer

    I could use this for work!

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