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Support The Jeana FundJeana Stewart is suffering from Stage 4 Colon Cancer. She has been unable to work as she has been undergoing both chemo and radiation. She will having surgery in next month. With more radiation and chemo after the up coming surgery. Her life after surgery will be totally changed!

Her husband has a full time job, but as their insurance has stopped paying, medical bills are piling up. They are trying to do the right thing by paying for treatment, but due to the high cost of medical care, they are in the process of losing their home.

I’ll be starting the auction on September 27th 2pm Eastern Time and will run until September 30th at midnight Eastern Time.

All Donations will be set up in the folder in the Photo Section. When you want to bid on something you will type in your bid and your email address, this way I can contact you if you are the winner of this item.

All payments will be done through PayPal!

The auction will run starting on September 27th at 3pm Eastern Time to September 30th ending at 3pm Eastern Time

So far we have Angels, Jewelry, Free Dinners, Dolls, Portraits, Photo Shoots, Candy and lots more to come.

Please pass this to your friends so that everyone know about this up coming auction.

Do you have any items you can donate to help this family out? If not, please view the auction and purchase something. Don’t forget, it’s not too early to think of the holidays!

If you have an item to donate… please contact Marilyn Bellinger at:

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