Adult coloring books by Suzy Toronto review.

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Are you looking for more adult friendly coloring books? I love these coloring books from Suzy Toronto.

Suzy Toronto

“Pretending to be normal day after day is exhausting,” says Suzy Toronto. Toronto is a self-proclaimed “wacky” woman, and she wants others to embrace their inner wackiness too. In fact, she’s created an entire art brand that speaks (mostly) to girls and women, inspiring them to embrace their rarity, goofiness, and everything that makes them unique—no matter how silly it may seem.

Toronto works out of her home studio in Smyrna Beach, Florida where she creates playful and distinctive artwork for a variety of products—from mugs to coloring books to cell phone covers and everything in between.

Toronto also advocates on behalf of breast cancer survivors. Some of her product proceeds benefit cancer research. Ultimately, Toronto’s goal is to continue empowering women. “We believe in women. We uplift women. We empower women. And we support women whenever and however we can,” she says.

I am into coloring more as an adult than I did as a child. 

Coloring for me is a great way to relax and decompress. I have a wide range of coloring mediums to choose from: markers, coloring pencils, and gel pens with a variety of point sizes.

Of course, I also have a collection of coloring books. I love these coloring books by Suzy Toronto because not only are they easy to color, they have a fun inspirational saying. There are a few different coloring books to choose from. Including a few that are “on the go” that means they are smaller and easier to carry with you at all times in your purse. 

Perhaps you are going on a fun relaxing vacation this year. The on the go coloring books are a great way to pack coloring items to help you unwind and relax with.

Suzy Toronto

You can see from the above pictures what I mean about they are easy to color. I have eye strain issues and some of those thin lined shaped adult coloring books are hard to see. I had no issue with this, and I was able to easily relax watching tv and color. 

If you are looking for some fun adult coloring books you can’t go wrong with these.

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