Swagatron T5 Hover Board Review

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Do you have “swag”? Get your swag on with the T5 hoverboard from Swagatron.


SWAGTRON T5 is the highly popular, rideable, self-balancing electric scooter aka hoverboard. Not ready for the bigger, fancier hoverboards? T5 is just for you.

The new SWAGTRON T5 is lighter than other SWAGTRON offerings at 18 lbs. But carries loads up to 187 lbs. while still rolling along at up to 7 mph for up to 7 miles. Like all SWAGTRON models, the T5 is environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions. Solidly constructed, the SWAGTRON T5 employs only the highest quality components and industry-leading safety features for an adult scooter. This T5 SWAGTRON Hands Free Smart Board contains the latest technology from SWAGTRON, that makes riding secure and more fun.

The SWAGTRON was first in the world to pass all the new UL2272 hoverboard industry tests and the only one to pass the 10-ton crush test and UL1998/UL991 evaluation UL 2272 Certified E482805.
What does that mean? The T5 beat the full slate of electrical tests, mechanical tests, environmental tests, and material /component tests.

I’ve always wanted a hover board. It makes me think of Back to the Future.

We are big Back to the Future fans here in my house. This probably has something to do with the fact that my husband’s nickname is McFly since his name is Marty.

A few years ago hover boards were all the rage, but some were deemed unsafe because of the batteries. The Swagatron has NEVER been part of any recalls. This means you can let your family members have fun without worrying about fire.

To use the T5, you should have great balance. You can control the direction you go with your body. To go forward lean forward, to go backward lean back. Neither my husband or I have great balance due to both of us having bad ankles. We had to try it out anyway. I was smart enough to hold onto the wall. He was brave and let go. Sadly it was not pretty; he went one way while the hover board went another.

Two of my nieces, however, are IN LOVE! They actually fight over whose turn it is to use it. They are 12 and 5. The 12-year-old can zoom all over the place on it while the five year old has mastered doing donuts. Here are two videos of each of them riding it.

This would make a great family gift this holiday season. As with any moving toy, adult supervision is recommended along with protection gear from falls. Right now the kids use this in the house, but when the warmer hits and they play outside with it, they will wear helmets and knee/elbow pads. Who in your life would love the T5 hover board?

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  1. Absolutely love the videos of your nieces on the T5! Your blog has given me a new outlook on hoverboards and I couldn’t be more excited about them! For a while I was extremely hesistant about them because of the fires that were happening deeming some unsafe but love all the tests this particular board has passed! If you have terrible balance do you feel like someone could learn to balance on these boards?

    • I don’t think you would learn to balance by just using this. Well, I guess it all depends on why you have bad balance. My husband and I both suffer from bad ankles thus why we have balance issues.

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