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Table Top Unlimited sells many different kitchen products. I am happy to bring you this review of their Oven to Table Set of Four 10.5 Inch Porcelain Dinner Plates by Denmark Tools for Cooks.

About Table Top Unlimited:

It all began in 1983 when two childhood friends decided to create a culinary wares company that recalled and celebrated their happiest memories…

…family and friends coming together to enjoy a great well-cooked meal.

So they learned all they could about food preparation, cooking, serving and entertaining. Using that knowledge they began to design and manufacture casual lifestyle products that would make it simple and enjoyable to prepare and share home cooked meals.

Their partnership soon grew stronger with the addition of a few close friends with the same family values. For the last 30 years this executive team has managed ttu®, working side by side with their devoted team to find ways to make people’s time in the kitchen and at the table more rewarding.

Today, ttu® is the industry leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing trend right prep, cook, serve, store and on-the-go products for consumers’ casual lifestyle needs, design preferences and budgets.

When it comes to making life better in the kitchen, ttu® is your one-stop-shop.

Oven to Table Set of Four 10.5 Inch Porcelain Dinner Plates by Denmark Tools for Cooks

Product Description:

Enjoy restaurant quality dinnerware without paying restaurant prices with our classic set of four 10.5-inch white porcelain square dinner plates – produced to the exacting standards of the Denmark Tools for Cooks brand. Sophisticated styling, crisp clean lines, modern square shape and glazed finish provide a striking presentation, bringing elegance and warmth to your table. Crafted from vitrified porcelain with reinforced edges to eliminate accidental chipping, these four white dinner plates are strong enough for casual dining and buffet service, yet refined enough for formal entertaining and special occasions. This oven to table white porcelain dinnerware is designed to simplify and enhance your entertaining and active casual lifestyle. We took special care in manufacturing these four dinner plates to meet tough restaurant industry standards and exceed your expectations.

Retail Price: $15

My Review:

My family needed new dishes very badly. There is not much that matches in my kitchen. When people ask my decorating style I affectionately refer to it as a hand me down haven. 

These dishes are classic white but very elegant looking. Since they are white they will match any color decor you are decorating with. I was surprised at the weight of these dishes. They are heavier than they look and the plates I owned before.

I love the modern square design. While these dishes are microwave safe, since they are square and so big they do not fit into my microwave. 

If you are a person that likes to separate your food so it doesn’t touch, that is much easier to achieve with square plates than the traditional oval.

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