Adult coloring books by Suzy Toronto review.

Are you looking for more adult friendly coloring books? I love these coloring books from Suzy Toronto. “Pretending to be normal day after day is exhausting,” says Suzy Toronto. Toronto is a self-proclaimed “wacky” woman, and she wants others to embrace their inner wackiness too. In fact, she’s created an entire art brand that speaks (mostly) to girls and women, inspiring them to embrace their rarity, goofiness, and everything that makes them unique—no matter how silly it may seem. Toronto works out of {Read More}

AmazaPen Gel Pen Review

AmazaPen gel pens are great for adult coloring books. 20 sparkly colors – 1mm tip with a soft rubber grip. These are non toxic and acid free. The fact they are acid free makes them perfect for art projects (such as scrapbooking) or relaxing with an adult coloring book! These gel pens have 150% extra ink than most other pens. Others contain 0.27g or 0.33g of ink per pen, they have increased the size of the inner tube and filled {Read More}