Good Buddy Rawhides are on

Does your dog love to chew away? Mine does. I must ALWAYS have rawhides in the house, or she will gnaw away at our shoes. has some great rawhides and treats from various brands on their site, like Good Buddy. [tweetthis] always has a good treat for your pets! Check them out! More->[/tweetthis] Good Buddy Rawhides are 100% beef and made in the USA. This is grass-fed beef and flavored with natural chicken. My dog really went crazy over {Read More} has Outward Hound Toys!

Do you have pets? I have one. I have a cute Australian Kelpie. She loves treats and loves to play. Naturally, has some fun toys on their site for the treat-loving pup. Chewy offers many brands, at good prices. One of the toy brands is Outward Hound. [tweetthis] has fun toys for your fur babies! Check them out! More ->[/tweetthis] Outward Hound toys are nice and sturdy. They have types for dogs of all ages. The Treat Chaser I {Read More}

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Rolls

Blue Buffalo Wilderness gives your dogs a real treat, by feeding them real food. Skip the preservatives, go all-natural. Feeding their animal instincts, and keeping it a balanced meal at the same time, Blue Buffalo Wilderness offers Wild Rolls. This is a  dog meat roll that can serve as a full-balanced meal or as a topper to your dog’s dry food. This is MORE than enough for one meal depending on your dog’s weight. It gets refrigerated after opening, but {Read More}