Put Me in the Story has many personalized products.

Put Me in the Story is a great resource for personalized gifts for the whole family. The I Love You Honey Bunny & Plush Gift Set is great for Easter or anytime.    Put Me In The Story’s readers tell us, books are more than just great gifts—they help create a real relationship between the child and the book. Books suddenly become less frightening, less difficult, less work, and more precious. Books become “me and mine”,  and suddenly, a book becomes {Read More}

Have you heard about the great plush toy Worry Eater?

Worry Eaters are a great plush toy that can help any child or even an adult with their fears, or even their secrets. Worry Eaters are a creation from the Haywire Group. The line of Worry Eaters was launched to retail buyers in February at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City. Eight different characters in two different sizes were introduced in 2015 with retail prices of $22.99 for the large and $15.99 for the small one. [tweetthis]@worryeaters are a great for {Read More}

Review: Lassig Dish Set

Looking for a toddler dish set? Lassig had an adorable one in different wildlife themes. Lassig sells many items for your baby and toddler. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their Wildlife Rhino dish set. We previously reviewed their sportbag. My Thoughts on the Dish set: I love cute little dish sets for you children, it’s so cute when everything matches. It’s important to let children explore the world around them and one of {Read More}

Peppa Pig: Sandcastles Giveaway

If you have little ones in your life then I’m sure you’ve heard of Peppa Pig. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review and giveaway of their webisodes Sandcastles. About Peppa Pig: Sandcastles. On July 20th everyone’s favorite cheeky little piggy, Peppa Pig, is soaking up the summer sun in Peppa Pig: Sandcastles. This all-new digital exclusive release features 12 “peppisodes” that include all the kindness, laughter, fun and gentle life lessons that make Peppa Pig {Read More}